What Is Call Tracking

Feb 26, 2021

This article answers the question. What is call tracking from a digital marketing and direct marketing point of view. When you do digtal marketing or any kind of marketing for that matter, it’s very important to be able to determine which phone numbers drive the calls to your business.

Companies spend huge amounts of money on marketing, sometimes they find themselves in the situation where they know their advertising works, they just don’t know which of their advertising campaigns worked.

If you don’t have a call tracking solution in place, it’s impossible to figure out which of all your marketing methods are the ones generating the sales calls. Without a good call tracking software you will just be left guessing which of your campaign methods was the one that generated the phone calls. You will be in the dark.

A call tracking campaign works by assigning a virtual phone number to the campaign. When each call comes in, it is counted and routed to other phone numbers for someone to answer the call. The incomingcall can be routed to a landline or mobile phone, or a series of phone numbers to be handled appropriately. You can also select that a serious of numbers be called simultaneously and whoever picks up the call can handle the lead. If nobody picks up the call, the call will be directed to a company voicemail where the messages can be reviewed later.

Calltrak offers an simple to use user-friendly and modern call tracking solution to keep you on track of all all phone marketing campaigns.

On the calltrak dashboard you can see which of your call tracking campaigns generates the most calls and then focus your marketing efforts on the ones that delivers the best results.

Take calltrak call tracking for a spin today.