Google Voice Call Tracking

Feb 23, 2021

Google Voice is a popular voice over internet protocol service that allows users to get a USA phone number to make and recieve phone calls and have the calls forwarded to a mobile or landline.

Some Digital Marketers and Direct Marketers have thought that maybe they could use a Google Voice Phone Number for Call Tracking. The idea being that they setup a unique Google voice number for each marketing campaign and have google voice forward the calls to their business sales phone line.

The problem with trying to use Google Voice for call tracking is simply that Google Voice was not designed for call tracking and it makes for a very poor call tracking solution. Yes, you can can get a unique voip phone number and have the calls forwarded to a phone line, but that is where the similarity ends.

Google Voice will not allow you to keep track of the number of phone calls, which is very important metric in call tracking software.

As a Digital / Direct Marketer, you need to know how many calls the phone number received and had forwarded to your business so you can determine which of your marketing efforts are the most effective.

Companies sometimes approach their marketing efforts like throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. It’s good advice however to cook the spaghetti first before you throw it. Having a good call tracking software inplace will make your job so much easier.

The other problem with trying to use Google Voice for marketing campaigns and call tracking is that it’s not flexible at all. You can’t configure Google voice with the ability to simultaneously ring multiple phones at the same time, get good reporting and the countless other specialized and well thought out features that you iwill find in a good call tracking solution.

If you are looking for a good call tracking solution. We invite you to take a look at calltrack You can take it for a free spin and see if its the call tracking solution that you are looking for.