Call Tracking for Marketing Agencies

Mar 2, 2021 1 min.

Boost your marketing agency’s value to clients. Call tracking provides marketing agencies with insight that shows how big of an impact your campaigns have on generating inbound phone leads. Calltrak gives you reliable and comphrensive data to deliver outstanding results. Keyword, ad, and campaign level tracking: Link inbound calls to PPC ads, and find out which keywords generate leads. Instant real-time data on phone calls and online conversations - wherever you want it.

What Is Call Tracking

Feb 26, 2021 2 min.

This article answers the question. What is call tracking from a digital marketing and direct marketing point of view. When you do digtal marketing or any kind of marketing for that matter, it’s very important to be able to determine which phone numbers drive the calls to your business. Companies spend huge amounts of money on marketing, sometimes they find themselves in the situation where they know their advertising works, they just don’t know which of their advertising campaigns worked.

Google Voice Call Tracking

Feb 23, 2021 2 min.

Google Voice is a popular voice over internet protocol service that allows users to get a USA phone number to make and recieve phone calls and have the calls forwarded to a mobile or landline. Some Digital Marketers and Direct Marketers have thought that maybe they could use a Google Voice Phone Number for Call Tracking. The idea being that they setup a unique Google voice number for each marketing campaign and have google voice forward the calls to their business sales phone line.