Free Call Tracking Software

Free Call Tracking Software that reveals which dynamic call tracking phone numbers drive incoming sales calls.

Low Cost Call Tracking Analytics Software

Call Tracking Analytics Software

Calltrak is a free call tracking software service that gives you the intelligent analytics nto which PPC marketing campaigns generate more incoming sales calls for your business and which PPC ad campaigns you need to drop.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) inserts a unique call tracking phone number into your website depending on which PPC adword campaign generated the visitor.

When a lead calls this dynamic call tracking phone number, the call is then forwarded to your sales team.

Flexible call management allows calls to be forwarded to a single sales person, a group of sales people one by one until someone picks up, as well a simultaneously calling a group of sales people at the same time until the call is picked up. You will never loose a sales call again!

Our call tracking software affords you the power of lead attribution, to reveal digital marketing gold by making a new direct connection between sales calls and PPC ad campaigns.

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What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software tracks and records important information from incoming phone calls. It enables businesses and marketers to attribute phone calls to the PPC marketing campaigns that drove them, such as pay-per-call, local SEO, and other online and offline call-based marketing campaigns.

Call tracking software can help resovle a variety of marketing concerns, including lead scoring, attribution and keyword research. It can help you discover business opportunities based on what your leads and current customers are saying.

Here are some common marketing goals that call tracking software can help you achieve:

Tracking calls by campaign is one of the biggest use cases for call tracking software. Without call tracking, it is impossible to know how many leads are coming in by phone, but also which PPC marketing campaigns generated the calls in the first place. By inserting a unique phone number using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) associated with each marketing campaign, call tracking allows you to view which marketing campaign drove each call.

Understanding which keywords drive the incoming phone calls

Call tracking gives you the clarity into which keywords are driving calls and making sales conversions. Your call tracking software will assign a unique phone number from your phone number pool for each visitor, allowing you to know who is calling you and how they found you online. After each website visitor is done browsing your website, their phone number is returned to the pool for another person to use. This allows you to track your PPC visitors and which keywords they use to discover your business .

Proving and improving marketing

We are more than delighted with calltrak's call tracking analytics software. Thanks to Calltrak, with real-time call tracking metrics, we now can measure which Google PPC Ad campaigns drive our incoming sales calls and which ads to our absolute shock, we were throwing away heaps of good money on.
Paul Maxwell, Digital Marketing Specialist - Audible

Calltrak's call tracking analytics software has been a real game changer for our Digital Marketing Agency. With real-time call tracking metrics, we have been able to demonstrate hard evidence to our clients, how our google PPC ad campaigns have worked time and time again in bringing them business. The R.O.I has been nothing short of remarkable. Debra Miller, Chief Growth Officer - Parago Digital Agency

Call Tracking Analytics Software That Delivers Results

Drive more incoming sales phone calls to your business. With real-time call tracking metrics, determine which digital marketing PPC ad campaigns drive incoming sale calls and which marketing campaigns you need to drop.

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Free Call Tracking Software

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